Various Artists: Cries from the Midnight Circus Ladbroke Grove 1968-1973


CD ONE: 1. Pretty Things Defecting Grey 2. Sam Gopal, Midsummer Night’s Dream3.The Deviants I’m Coming Home 4.The Action A Saying For Today 5. Tomorrow – Revolution 6.The Misunderstood Children Of The Sun 7. Mighty Baby House With Out Windows 8. Quintessence Notting Hill Gate 9. Twink Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box 10. High Tide Death Warmed Up (Demo) 11. Village Man In The Moon 12.The Deviants Billy The Monster 13. Skin Alley Bad Words, Evil People 14. Hawkwind Hurry On Sundown 15.Stray Time Machine

CD TWO: 1. Juniors Eyes I’m Drowning 2. Pink Fairies – Do It 3. Edgar Broughton Band Evening Over Rooftops 4. Jody Grind Bath Sister 5. Quintessence – Giants 6. Peter Bardens Long Ago, Far Away 7.Pretty Things Cries From The Midnight Circus 8.Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come No Time 9. Hawkwind Lord Of Light 10. Skin Alley Sun Music 11. Captain Lockheed – Ejection 12. Michael Moorcock & Deep Fix Dodgem Dude 13. Motorhead Louie Louie14. Larry Wallis Police Car 15. Steamhammer Autumn Song 16. Quiver Gone In The Morning



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