Visionaire 53: ”Sound”



SUNN O)))コレクターにとっては、Boris &栗原ミチオ『Rainbow』ボックス以上の試練となりそうです。

【追記】スティーヴン・オマリーによると、SUNN O)))の提供曲は「Orthodox Caveman」リミックスなのだとか。

“Multi-format album of fashion and art” Visionaire will take the form of five 12″ vinyl picture discs [pictured above] for its 53rd issue, “Sound”, which will come out in December.

“Sound” features contributions from David Byrne, the Knife, Animal Collective, Cat Power, Michael Stipe, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, Antony and the Johnsons, Andrew WK, Yoko Ono, Beastie Boy Adrock, Danger Mouse, U2, Courtney Love, Malcolm McLaren, Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian, Laurie Anderson, UNKLE, Sunn O))), Gang Gang Dance, Christian Marclay, Miss Kittin, Trevor Jackson, Nigo, Robert Wilson, DJ Spooky, Doug Aitken, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, and Helmut Lang, ong many, many others from the worlds of art, fashion, and, of course, music.

These contributions ount to over 100 minutes of previously unreleased audio experiments, samples, spoken word pieces, and even actual songs.

The images on the picture discs were created by a number of artists you might recognize from their work on your favorite album covers, including Peter Saville, Cindy Sherman, Raymond Pettibon, and Robert Longo.

“Sound” comes in an edition of 4,000 numbered copies, and the full package includes the five records, an acrylic dome case, a booklet with credits and instructions, two CDs containing all of the audio content, and a battery-operated toy car that plays the records through a self-contained needle and speakers as it drives along the grooves.



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