ATAVISTといえば先日NADJAとの共演盤を発表、近々2枚目のアルバム『II: RUINED』とRise Aboveからの10″「ALCHEMIC RESURRECTION」を発表する英国致死ドゥーム・バンド(デビュー・アルバムのドラマーは元THORR’S HAMMER~BURNING WITCHのジェイミー・サイクス。脱退済)ですが、ウェブサイトに気になる記述が。

The most recent thing we are working on is a track for a 4 x CD collaboration that Julian Cope is doing with Slomo, O’Malley, Orthodox, TOLRTD etc… thats due out on Invada in 2007.

We have been rehearsing some new songs from II: Ruined and old songs from the S/T as well as writing a new song with Simon for Julian Copes 4 x CD / Book project “The Doomsday Book” which will see the light of day in the new year, i believe. Its gonna be a serious landmark in this genre and Atavist are very proud to be involved in such a prestigious project.



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