1. A fistful of dollars

2. For a few dollars more

3. The good, the bad and the ugly

4. The big gundown

5. Death rides a horse

6. Take a hard ride

7. Beyond the law

8. Sabata

9. Return of Sabata

10. El Condor

11. Captain Apache

12. Barquero

13. The Stranger & The Gunfighter

14. Killer Kid

15. Western Story

16. Man of the east

17. Ace High

18. Trinity is still my name

19. Keoma

20. The Mercenary

21. Companeros

22. Dont turn the other cheek

23. A stranger in town

24. The Silent Stranger

25. Sonny and Jed

26. A reason to live, a reason to die

27. Land Raiders

28. A town called Hell

29. Those Dirty Dogs

30. A coffin from Sartana

31. Minnesota Clay

32. A bullet for the general

33. California

34. Any gun can play

35. Murieta

36. One after the other

なお続編『A FEW TRAILERS MORE』もあり。まだ見ていませんが、以下の予告編が収録されています:

“Savage Guns”, “Gunfighters of Casa Grande”, “Bullet in the Flesh”, “Gunman of Rio Grande”, “The Texican”, “7 Guns for the McGregors”, “Up the McGregors”, “The Hellbenders”, “The Hills run red”, “Navajo Joe”, “Renegade Gunfighter”, “For a few dollars less”, “Magnificent Texan”, “Duel in the Eclipse”, “Rio Hondo”, “A minute to pray, a second to die”, “Devil was an Angel”, “I’ll die for Vengeance”, “Payment in Blood”, “Kill the Wickeds”, “Once Upon a time in the West”, “Shotgun”, “100 Rifles”, “Garringo”, “A name that cried Revenge”, “The Specialist”, “Man called Sledge”, “The Deserter”, “A Fistful of Dynamite”, “Matalo”, “Brother Outlaw”, “7 Devils on Horseback”, “Ban Man’s River”, “Fast Hand is still my Name”, “Man called Noon” and “Insurgent Mexico”



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